Acer TravelMate C300 C310 610 620 C302 Black Laptop Keyboard NSK-A431D

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Condition: New
Warranty: 6 Month
Part Number: NSK-A431D   99.N2182.10E

Compatible with:

TravelMate 610 Series   TravelMate C301XCi 
TravelMate 610TXV   TravelMate C302XCi 
TravelMate 611TXV   TravelMate C302XMi 
TravelMate 612TXV   TravelMate C303XMi 
TravelMate 613TXV   TravelMate C310 Series 
TravelMate 620 Series   TravelMate C312XCi 
TravelMate 621XV   TravelMate C314XCi 
TravelMate 630 Series   TravelMate C314XMi 
TravelMate 632XV

TravelMate C300 Series (Model MS2140)
C300XCi (LX.T280E.231)
C300XMib (LX.T280E.011, LX.T280E.012, LX.T280E.232)
C301XCi (LX.T280E.001, LX.T280E.029, LX.T280E.078, LX.T280E.082, LX.T280E.096, LX.T280E.172)
C301XCi-G (LX.T280E.079)
C302XCi (LX.T280E.125, LX.T280E.173, LX.T280E.181)
C302XMIB (LX.T280E.068, LX.T280E.069, LX.T280E.133)
C302XMi (LX.T280E.007, LX.T280E.009, LX.T280E.039, LX.T280E.129, LX.T280E.187)
C302XMi-G (LX.T280E.095)
C303XMi (LX.T280E.122, LX.T280E.183)

TravelMate C310 Series (Model MS2161)
C311XMi (LX.T870E.012)
C312XCi (LX.T870E.029, LX.T870E.030, LX.T870E.034)
C312XMi (LX.T860E.100, LX.T8703.063, LX.T870E.068)
C313XMi (LX.T860E.039)
C314XMi (LX.T870E.032, LX.T870E.033)


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