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External Hard Drive (HDD) Data Recovery in Sydney

Common symptoms of data loss and hard drive failure

When a hard drive stops functioning normally, some files may suddenly become inaccessible or the entire HDD could stop responding to user commands. Common signs of hard drive failures include:

  • Loud clicking noise or strange whirring sounds
  • Grinding or screeching noises
  • Hard drive unable to mount or connect
  • Hard drive has a burning smell
  • Missing, lost, or disappeared files
  • Hard drive has bad sectors
  • Hard drive very slow and unresponsive
  • HDD not recognised by BIOS
  • Firmware issues
  • Logical failure
  • How our hard drive data recovery service works

    • Each data recovery service begins with a risk-free examination to review if your data has recoverable data, followed by a price quote and turnaround time.
    • This examination is no-obligation and we will return your hard drive if you choose not to use our service.
    • If you accept our quote, we take your hard drive to our testing environment for our IT experts to physically work on your machine.
    • We use the latest state or the art data recovery software to identify whether your files have been deleted, lost, or corrupted.
    • After the recovery is finished, we send the recovered files or data to another portable storage device or USB that you provide to us.
    • All recovered data is confidentially wiped from our systems as soon as it is copied onto your portable storage device or USB.

    Contact us or call us (9599 2243) for one of our friendly staff to diagnose your problems and give you a quote today.

    Here is what our happy customers have to say…

    Ali did data recovery from my old laptop in the same day. Thank you for saving all my photos back from 2005. Excellent service, highly recomended A++++++ - Hilda Ciu

    Ali saved me big time, my usb wasn't reading on any of my devices and with his hard work and persistence he got the info and saved my butt. I will recommend him to anyone...Cheers Ali @itsuperstore bexley - Bob Baumovski

    Awesome professional service with technical knowledge. My Samsung Note4 would not power up ..apart from photos all valuable contacts were now potentially lost. So tried for months various repair and data recovery 'experts' who advised min $650 , little chance success of recovering data and phone will be returned unusable. Ali at IT Super store said will try..within 2 days calls to advise phone now fully operational and as backup all photos, ctcs etc recovered copied on USB.! All for just $150 service fee. Ali is the best! - Steve Ellis

    Great job recovering my data. Looking forward to dealing with you again - Juliano Tabbah

    Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What hard drive manufacturers do you recover data from?

    All major hard drive manufacturers including Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Iomega, Lacie, Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital. 

    Is my personal data secure? 

    All processes are subject to appropriate security measures and we keep any recovered data confidential. All recovered data is wiped from our systems as soon as it is copied onto your device.

    How will you give me my data if my hard drive is corrupted? 

    You will need to give us a secondary storage device such as a USB or another HDD if you have a large number of files to recover.

    What does HDD and SDD mean? 

    Both are types of hard drives that we recover data. Hard disc drive is the most common type while Solid state drive is common in newer models of laptops or portable drives.

    What are the turnaround times for data recovery? 

    1-2 working days for standard recovery. 3-5 working days for advanced recovery and dependent on parts available.

    Why choose us?

    • All issues fixed – cracked screens, overheating, viruses…we can fix them all
    • Our repairs are guaranteed for 12 months
    • Appointment times to suit you
    • Fully trained and accredited repair experts (we also provide friendly services!)
    • Conveniently available 6 days a week for drop-off and pickup
    • You only pay the quotation fee if we cannot fix it
    • We also sell a wide range of parts that means we can fix things super-fast
    • Proud winner of the 2019 Bayside Business Awards in ‘Excellence in Retail’ and Finalist in the 2020 St George Local Business Awards, 2018 Finalist in Bayside Business Awards

     Contact us or call us (9599 2243) for one of our friendly staff to diagnose your problems and give you a quote today.

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