Computer Repair

If you have any computer problem. Call us or visit our store which is located in Sydney- Bexley suburb.
We deal with:

  • Computer doesn't turn on
  • Computer that turns on but no display
  • Computer beeping on startup 
  • PC issues, removing viruses, & resolving errors.
  • The Blue Screen of Death
  • Applications Running Slowly
  • Overheating: As you turn on the computer, parts inside a computer are used and can heat up which is natural. This includes the CPU, HDD , graphic card, the power supply and the motherboard too.
  • Water and liquid damage: Shutdown your computer and bring it to us without delay as liquid can go everywhere and damage more parts.
  • Malware, Viruses and Trojan Horse: 
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Frozen Screen
  • Strange Noises including graphic card and fan noise