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Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

When a laptop LCD screen is broken

It is a hard thing to even look at. Where once your social media platforms streamed in your window to the world you are now met with black spots and broken signal lines. Where your emails are usually reminding you of everything you're putting off till later now suddenly there is an urgent reminder to get your screen fixed. In these moments all we want to do is to replace it and get back to our business.

With years of experience, IT Super Store is here and ready to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Not only that, but we will do it for one of the best prices in the industry and certainly in the Sydney area. You cant come to our store, we offer Australia Wide Shipping Service.

We Repair All Makes & Models. Give Us A Call Today

Whatever type of laptop you have, we carry all laptop screen models including:

MacBook Air LCD Screen 
MacBook Pro LCD Screen 
Apple Screen
HP LCD Screen 
LCD Screen
Lenovo LCD SCreen
Asus LCD Screen 
Toshiba LCD Screen  
Acer LCD Screen  
LCD Screen  
Samsung LCD Screen  
IBM LCD Screen

Screen Size: 10.1" - 11.6" - 12.1" - 12.5" - 13" - 13.3" 13.4" 14" - 14.1" - 15"
15.6" - 16" - 17" - 17.1" - 17.3" -  20" -  21" -  22" -  24" -  27"

Your laptop LCD screen is just a phone call away, we carry hundreds of screens in stock and if we do not have it we can source for you.
Contact us now or stop by our store in Bexley.

       (Call us Now on 02 9599 2243 or Submit Form Here)