Toshiba Satellite Pro L500 P200 P205 X205 series Laptop Keyboard Silver

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Toshiba Satellite P200 P205 X205 series Laptop Keyboard

Condition: New
Warranty: 6 Month 

Part Number: K000050500 , NSK-TBM01, 9J.N9282.M01, PK130170400

Brand new keyboard for Toshiba: Satellite P200 P205 X205 series
P205-S6237, P205-S6247, P205-S6257, P205-S6267, P205-S6277, P205-S6287,
P205-S6297, P205-S6298, P205-S6307, P205-S6337, P205-S6347, P205-S6348,
P205-S7469, P205-S7476, P205D-S7429, P205D-S7438, P205D-S7439,
P205D-S7454, P205D-S7479, X200-1AA, X200-15K, X200-16Z, X200-18H,
X200-191, X200-20F, X200-20G, X200-20S, X200-20T, X200-20W, X200-203,
X200-208, X200-21E, X200-21I, X200-21K, X200-21T, X200-21W, X200-21Y,
X200-213, X200-219, X200-22U, X200-22V, X200-23G, X200-23P, X200-24V,
X200-24Z, X200-25G, X200-25H, X200-25I, X200-252, X200-253 P300 P305 L350 L500
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A500-1GL A505-s6005 A505D-S6987 A505-S6989
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