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**We are currently offering FREE contactless home delivery around the Bexley area - Call us for more details
**We are currently offering FREE contactless home delivery around the Bexley area - Call us for more details

TOSHIBA P000567800 AC ADAPTOR 65W 19V Laptop Charger Original

Original price $55.00 - Original price $55.00
Original price
$55.00 - $55.00
Current price $55.00

Condition: New
Warranty: 6 Month
Input Voltage(v): AC 100V-240V
Output Voltage(v): 19V
Output Current(A): 3.42A
Power: 65W
Part Number: P000567800

Compatible with: PORTEGE PDW04A-002001 PORTEGE PDW04A-009001PORTEGE PDW04A-00C001-04B2N2 PORTEGE PDW04A-00C001-50AEKA PORTEGE PDW04A-00C001-5100Q1 PORTEGE PDW04A-00C001-5100S3 PORTEGE PDW04A-00C001-52AEQ2 PORTEGE PDW04A-00C001-52AES4 PORTEGE PDW04A-00C001-75BGKB PORTEGE PT311U-02R002 PORTEGE PT311U-06K04H PORTEGE PT320A-03N007 PORTEGE PT320A-03N00701 PORTEGE PT320A-06K031 PORTEGE PT320A-0HM00701 PORTEGE PT320A-0HN007 PORTEGE PT321A-01K002 PORTEGE PT321A-01K00201 PORTEGE PT321A-01K002-27BXLA PORTEGE PT321A-01K002-28BCLB PORTEGE PT321A-01K002-32BSLB PORTEGE PT321A-01K002-33BXLB PORTEGE PT321A-01L002 PORTEGE PT321A-01L00201 PORTEGE PT321A-01L002-0200K1 PORTEGE PT321A-01M002 PORTEGE PT321A-01M00201 PORTEGE PT321A-01M002-44BALB PORTEGE PT321A-05P02H PORTEGE PT321A-05P02H-25BWLB PORTEGE PT321A-0U1078 PORTEGE PT321U-02F001 PORTEGE PT321U-085001E1 PORTEGE PT321U-0EN04Q-34BVLB PORTEGE PT321U-0EN04QD1 PORTEGE PT330A-011001 PORTEGE PT330A-011001-35B4KB PORTEGE PT330A-011001-41B6LB PORTEGE PT330A-011001-42B6LB PORTEGE PT330A-01Q00101 PORTEGE PT330A-06K038 PORTEGE PT330A-06K03801 PORTEGE PT330A-06K038-21B3KB PORTEGE PT330A-06K038-41BYLA PORTEGE PT330A-06K038-941SLB PORTEGE PT330A-06L03801 PORTEGE PT330A-098038 PORTEGE PT330A-09J038 PORTEGE PT330A-09J038-21B3KB PORTEGE PT330A-09J038-5100Q1 PORTEGE PT330A-09J038-5100S3 PORTEGE PT330A-09J038-56B5KB PORTEGE PT330A-09K038 PORTEGE PT330A-09K038-48BDLB PORTEGE PT330A-09Y038 PORTEGE PT330A-09Y038-1A1TKB PORTEGE PT330A-09Y038-211FKB PORTEGE PT330A-09Y038-60B4LB PORTEGE PT330A-09Y038-63BDLB PORTEGE PT330A-09Y038-64B3KB PORTEGE PT330A-09Y038-811GKB PORTEGE PT330A-0C0038 PORTEGE PT330A-0C0038-48B7LB PORTEGE PT330A-11F038 PORTEGE PT331A-01W001 PORTEGE PT331A-01W00101 PORTEGE PT331A-01W043 PORTEGE PT331A-01W04301 PORTEGE PT331A-01X00101 PORTEGE PT331A-01Y00101 PORTEGE PT331A-06U04301 PORTEGE PT331A-07K04301 PORTEGE PT331A-08600101 PORTEGE PT331A-0DD043 PORTEGE PT331A-0DD04301 PORTEGE PT331A-0DD043-1A1GKB PORTEGE PT331A-0DD043-64A3KA PORTEGE PT331A-0DD043-83AELA PORTEGE PT331A-0DE043 PORTEGE PT331A-0DE043-02A3L2 PORTEGE PT331A-0DE043-27A3LA PORTEGE PT331A-0DE043-71A3LA PORTEGE PT331A-0DE043-82A3LA PORTEGE PT331A-0DE043-941RKB PORTEGE PT331A-0DF001 PORTEGE PT331A-0DG043 PORTEGE PT331A-0DG043-38BDLB PORTEGE PT331A-0DG043-671EKB PORTEGE PT331A-0DG043-68B6LB PORTEGE PT331A-0DG043-821GLB PORTEGE PT331U-02N002E1 PORTEGE PT331U-0EK05RE1 SATELLITE PSC00A-00K00W SATELLITE PSC0LA-01C01H SATELLITE PSC0LA-02L01H SATELLITE PSC0QA-01Y019 SATELLITE PSC0QA-03C019 SATELLITE PSC1LA-00J001 SATELLITE PSE30A-007004 SATELLITE PSK08A-018004 SATELLITE PSK08A-06C004 SATELLITE PSK0GA-01H003 SATELLITE PSK0GA-09M003 SATELLITE PSK1WA-03C00R SATELLITE PSK1WA-03C044 SATELLITE PSK1WA-03D00R SATELLITE PSK1WA-0QM044 SATELLITE PSU4WA-006004 SATELLITE PSU4WA-00R004 SATELLITE PT32JA-001001 SATELLITE PT32JA-002002 SATELLITE-PRO PSC0MA-00300V SATELLITE-PRO PSC0MA-01K00V SATELLITE-PRO PSC0RA-00P019 SATELLITE-PRO PSK09A-003001 SATELLITE-PRO PSK09A-007004 SATELLITE-PRO PSK0ZA-004001 SATELLITE-PRO PSK0ZA-00K001 TECRA PT42GA-00101D TECRA PT42GA-003002 TECRA PT42GA-003002-17A2P1 TECRA PT42GA-003002-55BUKB TECRA PT42GA-00R01DN1 TECRA PT42GA-04Y03MN1 TECRA PT42GA-07003MN1 TECRA PT42GU-028001E1 TECRA PT42GU-06203LS1 TECRA PT43GA-03J03G TECRA PT43GA-03K03HN1 TECRA PT43GA-06003H TECRA PT43GA-06003HN1 TECRA PT43GU-00S006 TECRA PT43GU-00S006E1 TECRA PT43GU-05S05SE1 TECRA PT43HA-05Q06Q TECRA PT525A-003002 TECRA PT525A-003019 TECRA PT525A-003019-16A2LA TECRA PT525A-004002 TECRA PT525A-004019 TECRA PT525A-004019-28BBLB TECRA PT525A-005019 TECRA PT525A-008019 TECRA PT525A-00801901 TECRA PT525A-00Y019 TECRA PT525A-02L03Q TECRA PT525A-04801V TECRA PT525A-04801V-16A2LA TECRA PT525A-04901V01 TECRA PT525A-05401V01 TECRA PT525U-05X02UD1 TECRA PT525U-09802U-34B1P1 TECRA PT525U-09802U-34BVP1 TECRA PT525U-09802UD1 TECRA PT535A-002008 TECRA PT535A-002023 TECRA PT535A-002023-58BRKB TECRA PT535A-007008 TECRA PT535A-007023 TECRA PT535A-007023-46B4LB TECRA PT535A-007023-48B7LB TECRA PT535A-00M008 TECRA PT535A-00M023 TECRA PT535A-05E023 TECRA PT535A-05E023-421GLB TECRA PT535A-05E023-46BDLB TECRA PT535A-05E023-48B7LB TECRA PT535A-05E023-62A3LA TECRA PT535A-05E023-63A3LA TECRA PT535A-05E023-64B3KB TECRA PT535A-05E023-731GKB TECRA PT535A-05F023 TECRA PT535A-05F023-03BDLB TECRA PT535A-05F023-03BLLB TECRA PT535A-05F023-20B6KB TECRA PT535A-05F023-22B6S4 TECRA PT535A-05F023-46B6LB TECRA PT535A-05F023-46BLLB

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