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HP Pavilion DV8T HDX18 DV8 Series Laptop DC Power

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HP Pavilion DV8T HDX18 DV8 Series Laptop DC Power

Laptop DC Jack, Laptop DC Power Jack, Laptop DC Socket, DC Connector, Power Jack, DC Jack, DC Socket, DC Power

DC Jack: PJ135
Center Pin Size:

Compatible with:
HP Pavilion HDX X18 HDX18 series
HP HDX X18 Series
X18-1000EO, X18-1001TX, X18-1001XX, X18-1002TX, X18-1003TX, X18-1004TX, X18-1005EA, X18-1005TX, X18-1006TX, X18-1007TX, X18-1008TX, X18-1009TX, X18-1010EA, X18-1010TX, X18-1011TX, X18-1012TX, X18-1013TX, X18-1014TX, X18-1015TX, X18-1016TX, X18-1017TX, X18-1018TX, X18-1020US, X18-1023CA, X18-1024CA, X18-1027CL, X18-1050EB, X18-1050EF, X18-1050ER, X18-1058CA, X18-1070EE, X18-1080ED, X18-1080EG, X18-1080EL, X18-1080EP, X18-1080ES, X18-1080ET, X18-1080EW, X18-1088EZ, X18-1090EZ, X18-1099UX, X18T-1000, X18-1100, X18-1100EO, X18-1101EA, X18-1101EG, X18-1101TX, X18-1102EA, X18-1102TX, X18-1103EA, X18-1103TX, X18-1104TX, X18-1105TX, X18-1106TX, X18-1107TX, X18-1108TX, X18-1109TX, X18-1110EG, X18-1110TX, X18-1111TX, X18-1112TX, X18-1113TX, X18-1114TX, X18-1115TX, X18-1116TX, X18-1120LA, X18-1150EF, X18-1155EE, X18-1175EE, X18-1180CA, X18-1180EB, X18-1180ED, X18-1180EF, X18-1180EL, X18-1180EP, X18-1180ES, X18-1180EW, X18-1180US, X18-1190EW, X18-1190EZ, X18T-1100, X18-1200, X18-1200EO, X18-1201EA, X18-1201TX, X18-1202TX, X18-1203TX, X18-1204TX, X18-1205TX, X18-1206TX, X18-1207TX, X18-1208TX, X18-1209TX, X18-1222EG, X18-1250EF, X18-1250EO, X18-1250ER, X18-1255EE, X18-1275EE, X18-1277EZ, X18-1280ED, X18-1280EL, X18-1280EP, X18-1280ES, X18-1280EW, X18-1290EW, X18-1290EZ, X18-1299EB, X18T-1200, X18-1300, X18-1301TX, X18-1310EG, X18-1320EA, X18-1320ER, X18-1350EF, X18-1350EO, X18-1374CA, X18-1378CA, X18-1380ED, X18-1380EP, X18-1380ES, X18-1380EZ, X18-1390EB, X18-1390EE, X18-1390EL, X18-1390EO, X18-1390EZ
HP Pavilion: DV8 Series
dv8-1200, dv8-1200ed, dv8-1210eg, dv8-1220eg, dv8-1250er, dv8-1250et, dv8-1277ez, dv8-1280ez, dv8-1290ee, dv8-1290ez, dv8t-1200, dv8-1000eb, dv8-1001tx, dv8-1001xx, dv8-1002tx, dv8-1003tx, dv8-1005tx, dv8-1007tx, dv8-1008tx, dv8-1009tx, dv8-1010el, dv8-1010er, dv8-1010tx, dv8-1050eg, dv8-1050ep, dv8-1050es, dv8-1080ea, dv8-1080ed, dv8-1080ez, dv8-1090ef, dv8-1090ev, dv8-1090ez, dv8-1093ca, dv8-1099eo, dv8t-1000, dv8-1100, dv8-1100eb, dv8-1102tx, dv8-1103tx, dv8-1104tx, dv8-1106tx, dv8-1107tx, dv8-1108tx, dv8-1110ea, dv8-1110eb, dv8-1110sw, dv8-1140ep, dv8-1150el, dv8-1150ep, dv8-1150er, dv8-1150es, dv8-1150et, dv8-1177ez, dv8-1180ed, dv8-1180eg, dv8-1180eo, dv8-1180ez, dv8-1190ee, dv8-1190ef, dv8-1190eg, dv8-1190eo, dv8-1190ez

Please be advised that the above list is provided as a suggested list of compatible models. It does not guarantee that the item will fit the model you have regardless of being in the list. The only way for you to know what you need for sure is to compare what you have to the images we provide. Match the pin, Cable configuration and verify the center pin size you have. By purchasing this item you acknowledge that you accept full responsibility for your purchase and use of this product regardless of ANY outcome.

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