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**We are currently offering FREE contactless home delivery around the Bexley area - Call us for more details

LG LW40 LW60 LW65 LW75 R410 Laptop AC adapter

Original price $55.89 - Original price $55.89
Original price
$55.89 - $55.89
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LG LW40 LW60 LW65 LW75 R410 Laptop AC adapter

Input Voltage(v): AC 100V-240V (worldwide use)
Output Voltage(v): DC 19V
Output Current(A): 4.74A
Power: 90W
DC Size: 4.75mm 1.7mm

(Power Cable is not included)

Please press "Ctrl + F", and then type your notebook model number to find if it's compatible with your notebook.

Part Number's:
6708BA0036B, 6708BA0044B, PA-1650-02L1, PA-1900-08, LSE0202C1990

Compatible Laptop:
LG P Series
 P1, P1 Express Dual, P1 Pro Express Dual, P1-5001A9, P1-5002A9, P1-52A7A, P1-52JJV1, P1-52SBV1, P1-J001A9,
P1-J003A9, P1-J004A9, P1-J101A, P1-J102A, P1-J24PV1, P1-J2A8A, P1-J2CJV1, P1-J2MXV1, P1-J2PAV1, P1-J2RRV1,
LG M Series
 M1, M1 Express Dual, M1 Pro Express DualM1-3DGAG, M1-3DGBG, M1-3DGCG, M1-3DGDG, M1-5277V1, M1-5DGEG, M1-G222A,
M1-G3C3A, M1-J001A9, M1-J2ABV1, M1-J2NGV1, M1-J2YKV, M1-JDGAG, M1-JDGFG, M1-M2FTV1
LG R405 Series
 R405, R405 Express Dual, R405-A.CB01A9, R405-A.CB02A9, R405-A.CP01A9, R405-A.CP02A9, R405-A.CP03A9, R405-A.CP04A9,
R405-A.CP05A9, R405-A.CP06A9, R405-G.CBB1A9, R405-G.CPB1A9, R405-G.CPBSA9, R405-GB02A9, R405-GP01A9, R405-S.CPCBG,
LG E500 Series
 E500, E500 Express Dual, E500-G.AB02A9, E500-G.AB03A9, E500-G.AB04A9, E500-G.AP05A9, E500-G.AP06A9, E500-G.APB5A9,
E500-G.APB6A9, E500-G.APB7A9, E500-J.AP01A9, E500-K.APB1A9
LG R700 Series
 R700, R700 Express Dual, R700-X.A03A9, R700-X.AB01A9, R700-X.AP01A9, R700-X.AP02A9, R700-X.AP04A9, R710
LG LS50 Series
LG R400 Series
 R400, R400-5222A3, R400-52HGP1, R400-EP23A3, R400-MP22A3
LG LW65 Series
LG LW75 Series
 LW75, LW75 Express
LG LW65 Series
LG LW20 Series
 LW20-12DU1, LW20-1333, LW20-1555, LW20-1757, LW20-1777, LW20-2DDG, LW20-32DK, LW20-32DU1, LW20-3333, LW20-33MK,
LW20-3555, LW20-3577 LW20-35MK, LW20-3777, LW20-72DK, LW20-72DU1, LW20-73MK, LW20-8DDG, LW20-ADMA, LW20-DOX2,
LW20-EV2LK, LW20-EV3MK, LW20-J2MV2
LG LW70 Series
 LW70, LW70 Express, LW70-QJMA, LW70-QLZA
LG R Series
 R1, R1 Pro Express Dual, R1-C001A9, R1-C002A9
LG V Series
 V1, V1-W4WHV
LG T Series
 T1, T1 EXPRESS, T1 Express Dual
LG LS70 Series
LG LW25 Series
 LW25, LW25 Express, LW25 Express Dual, LW25-ANHV1, LW25-ANHV2, LW25-B3HD, LW25-B4TK, LW25-B5600, LW25-B78A5, LW25-B7HD,
LW25-B7HG, LW25-B7HV1, LW25-B7HV2, LW25-BDUO3, LW25-D38A9, LW25-DUO1, LW25-EV3HK
LG R500 Series
 R500, R500 Express Dual, R500-C.CB01A9, R500-C.CB02A9, R500-C.CB03A9, R500-C.CP01A9, R500-C.CP02A9, R500-C.CP03A9,
R500-C.CP04A9, R500-C.CP06A9, R500-V.CP01A9, R500-V.CPB1A9, R500-V.CPF1A9
LG S Series
 S1, S1 Express Dual, S1 Pro Express Dual
LG LW40 Series
LG R410 Series
LG LS55 Series
 LS55, LS55 Express, LS55-1EFA, LS55-1GJA
LG F Series
F1, F1 EXPRSS DUAL, F1 PRO EXPRSS DUAL, F1-2224A, F1-2225A9, F1-2226A, F1-222EG, F1-2235A9, F1-2245A9, F1-224EG,
F1-2255A9, F1-225EG, F1-225GY, F1-226EG, F1-227EG, F1-227GY, F1-228EG, F1-228GY, F1-22PTV, F1-2324A, F1-2325A,
F1-23MMV, F1-23PXV, F1-2A24A, F1-2A26A, F1-2A27A, F1-2A36A,
F1-2A3GY, F1-2A4GY, F1-2AE9G, F1-2ARNV, F1-2K25A9
LG R510 Series
LG Z Series
 Z1, Z1 Pro Express Dual, Z1-A2007, Z1-A2E3V, Z1-A720K, Z1-APCAG, Z1-B250K, Z1-BAR1A3, Z1-P2007
LG R200 Series
 R200 Express Dual, R200 SlideShow, R200-C.CB01A9, R200-D.CPF1A9, R200-H.CP01A9
LG LW60 Series
 LW60, LW60 Express, LW60-B3M44A, LW60-BAJA, LW60-D2JA, LW60-DBJA, LW60-QCMA
LG LS75 Series
LG W Series
 W1, W1 Pro Express Dual, W1-D2RLV1, W1-D2STV1, W1-J2DTV1, W1-J2HDV1, W1-J334F, W1-JDGAG, W1-JDGBG, W1-KBBBV, W1-KBRAG,
LG P300 Series
 P300, P300 Express Dual, P300-U.APB1A9, P300-U.APB2A9, P300-U.APB3A9, P300-U.APW1A9, P300-U.APW2A9, P300-U.APW3A9, P310

Safety Aprovals CE, FCC & SASO.

New: This is a New part.

it has been fully tested prior to putting in stock and is guaranteed to be fully functional.

Part is sold on a non-return basis.

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