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  • Dell Inspiron N5010 N4110 N7010 N3010 Laptop Battery Original
  • J1KND

Dell Inspiron 13R 14R 15R 17R N5010 N4110 N7010 N3010 Laptop Battery Original J1KND


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Dell Inspiron  13R 14R 15R 17R  N5010  N4110  N7010  N3010  Laptop Battery Original  J1KND   

Condition: New
Capacity:  4400mAh
Voltage :11.1V
Warranty: 6 Month

Part Number's: 
J1KND   312-0233   04YRJH    FMHC10    TKV2V    YXVK2    J4XDH   9TCXN    9T48V   965Y7    4T7JN    312-0234    383CW   W7H3N  CN-04YRJH-50245 

Compatible with Laptop:
Dell Inspiron 13R Series
Inspiron 13R N3010              Inspiron 13R 3010-D330   Inspiron 13R 3010-D430   Inspiron 13R 3010-D520
Inspiron 13R N3010D           Inspiron 13R N3010D-148   Inspiron 13R N3010D-168
Inspiron 13R N3010D-178   Inspiron 13R N3010D-248   Inspiron 13R N3010D-268
Inspiron 13R 3010-D381      Inspiron 13R 3010-D480      Inspiron 13R 3010-D621
Inspiron 13R Ins13RD-348  Inspiron 13R Ins13RD-448

Dell Inspiron 14R Series
Inspiron 14R N4010                 Inspiron 14R N4010D             Inspiron 14R N4010D-158  
Inspiron 14R N4010D158       Inspiron 14R N4010D-148     Inspiron 14R N4010D148
Inspiron 14R N4010D158       Inspiron 14R N4010D-148     Inspiron 14R N4010D148
Inspiron N4110                          Inspiron 14R 4010-D330        Inspiron 14R 4010-D381       Inspiron 14R 4010-D382
Inspiron 14R 4010-D430         Inspiron 14R 4010-D480        Inspiron 14R 4010-D520       Inspiron 14R Ins14RD-438
Inspiron 14R Ins14RD-448B  Inspiron 14R Ins14RD-458    Inspiron 14R N4010               Inspiron 14R N4010D-248
Inspiron 14R N4010D-258      Inspiron 14R N4110                Inspiron N4010R                     Inspiron N4110

Dell Inspiron 15R Series
Inspiron 15R N5010    Inspiron 15R N5010D-148    Inspiron 15R N5010D-168

Inspiron N5110   Inspiron M5010       Inspiron 15R  N5110              Inspiron 15R  5010-D330     Inspiron 15R  5010-D382
Inspiron 15R  5010-D430                    Inspiron 15R  5010-D480      Inspiron 15R  5010-D481     Inspiron 15R  5010-D520
Inspiron 15R  N5010                            Inspiron 15R  N5010D-258  Inspiron 15R  N5010D-278
Inspiron 15R Ins15RD-458B              Inspiron 15R Ins15RD-488

Inspiron N5010R    Inspiron N5030    Inspiron N5030D   Inspiron N5030R   Inspiron N5110

Dell Inspiron 17R Series
Inspiron 17R N7010   
Inspiron N7110          Inspiron M5010      Inspiron M5010D     Inspiron M5010R    Inspiron M501D      Inspiron M5030
Inspiron M5030D        Inspiron M5030R        Inspiron N3010D    Inspiron N3010R     Inspiron N3110       Inspiron N4010D
Inspiron N7010D        Inspiron M501             Inspiron M501R       Inspiron N3010        Inspiron N4010       Inspiron N4010D-158
Inspiron N5010         Inspiron N4010-148     Inspiron N4010D    Inspiron13R Ins13RD-438 

Vostro 3450   Vostro 3550   Vostro 3750   Vostro 1440 Series   Vostro 1450 Series    Vostro 1540 Series   Vostro 1550 Series


DELL Inspiron N3010D-168 DELL Inspiron N3010D-178 DELL Inspiron N3010R
DELL Inspiron 14R DELL Inspiron N4010 DELL Inspiron N4010D
DELL Inspiron N4010D-148 DELL Inspiron N4010D-158 DELL Inspiron N4010R
DELL Inspiron 15R DELL Inspiron N5010 DELL Inspiron N5010D
DELL Inspiron N5010D-148 DELL Inspiron N5010D-168 DELL Inspiron N5010R
DELL Inspiron M501 DELL Inspiron M501R DELL Inspiron M5010
DELL Inspiron M5010R DELL Inspiron M5030 DELL Inspiron M5030R
DELL Inspiron 17R DELL Inspiron N7010 DELL Inspiron N7010D
DELL Inspiron N7010R


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